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'Exploring the Meanings and Practices of Cultural Sensitivity in Tourism' webinar in collaboration with the ARCTISEN project.

Keynote speaker at the 2nd CREATOUR Creative Tourism meeting, Braga, Portugal.

Pecha Kucha on 'Creative Outposts' at the 6th IPTRN conference in Yukon, Canada.

Patrick joined the editors of Tourism Geographies for the online launch of the new online publication Tourism Geographic.

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Patrick is one of the experts quoted several times in the article, including: "The general trend we're seeing … is providers trying to think, how can we work together so we come out of this better than we went into it?" he said. "It's a long road, and it's not going to be over in one season."

Link to the International Polar Tourism Research Network (whose members Patrick Brouder and Pat Maher are quoted in the CBC story:

Patrick is one of the advocates referred to by the authors of this piece in The Conversation: "Advocates for more sustainable tourism are hoping the coming years will lead to a rethink of international travel"